Disposable Trocar Tray Kits

If you're searching for premium and dependable disposable hormone pellet procedure trays, you've come to the right place! Our selection of disposable trocar tray kits are ideal for hormone therapy replacement procedures, offering a safe, reliable, and user-friendly option. Our trays come in a variety of options to suit different trocar sizes, including 3.2 mm, 3.5 mm, and 4.5 mm, as well as a choice between resin and stainless steel options and different glove sizes.

We pride ourselves on providing the perfect disposable trocar tray kits to meet your specific needs. Browse our extensive selection today and discover the right kit for your practice. And if you're not looking for a complete procedure tray, be sure to explore our individual disposable trocars. Trust us to provide high-quality and affordable trocar supplies for your practice.


What Comes in a Disposable Trocar Tray Kit?

Trocars:Our kits feature top-notch trocars designed for precision and efficiency in various medical procedures. One or multiple trocars are within the kits with different trocar options and sizes depending on which kit you choose. 

Dressings with Instructions: In our kits we incorporate specialized dressing materials to meticulously envelop and protect trocars during the procedure, creating a robust barrier against contamination. 

Adhesive Sterile Drapes: Additionally we want to elevate the sterility of your surgical field with our adhesive sterile drapes. Our drapes are designed to act as a barrier against any microorganisms, they maintain a clean environment, enhancing procedural safety.

Sterile Gloves: We want to prioritize hand hygiene and contamination prevention. That's why all of our trocar kits include sterile gloves, providing an additional layer of protection for your medical team your procedures.

Additional Accessories: Additionally most kits include supplementary tools like forceps, scalpel, lock syringe, and more. Dive into our product offerings to explore the full array of what each kit entails.

Why Choose Disposable Trocars?

Enhancing Patient Safety and Infection Control

Our individual disposable trocars are crafted with patient safety as a top priority. Designed for single-use, these trocars drastically reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infection. By providing a sterile and untouched instrument for each procedure, healthcare professionals can ensure the highest standards of hygiene, protecting both patients and medical teams.

Versatility and Innovation

Our collection of disposable trocars include a variety of trocar sizes (3.2mm,3.5mm, and4.5mm) and designs to accommodate different surgical needs. Whether your procedure requires access to the abdominal cavity, thoracic cavity, or other body regions, our disposable trocars offer a versatile solution. Their innovative design simplifies trocar insertion, making these instruments suitable for hormone pellet insertion.

Why Choose Trocar Supplies 

Choose Trocar Supplies for your bulk trocar needs and elevate the standards of your medical practice. Enjoy substantial cost savings, seamless procedural flow, and unparalleled quality as you explore a wide variety ofreusable &disposable trocars available in bulk orders. Our unwavering focus on safety, personalized solutions, and proficient assistance guarantees that you're fully prepared to provide extraordinary patient care. Discover the distinct advantage offered by Trocar Supplies – where efficiency meets exceptional healthcare.

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3.2mm Disposable Full Resin Trocar Tray Kit
3.2mm Disposable Full Resin Trocar Tray Kit from $ 419.20 $ 489.20
3.5mm Disposable Stainless Steel Diamond Tip Trocar Tray Kit
3.5mm Disposable Stainless Steel Diamond Tip Trocar Tray Kit from $ 499.20 $ 569.20
4.5mm Disposable Full Resin Trocar Tray Kit
4.5mm Disposable Full Resin Trocar Tray Kit from $ 459.20 $ 529.20
4.5mm Disposable Stainless Steel Diamond Tip Trocar Tray Kit
4.5mm Disposable Stainless Steel Diamond Tip Trocar Tray Kit from $ 539.20 $ 609.20