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Trocar Supplies, a family-owned business, is the pioneer and worldwide standard for the disposable trocar medical kit industry. We take great pride in offering an affordable price for the highest quality products. Through patient feedback and research-based treatment, our trocar kits have been the optimal way to treat hormone deficiencies for over fifteen years. Listening closely to our customers has led to a diverse product range of over 40 types of kits and more on the way. From varying trocar lengths, material design, and kit component changes, we have been able to keep doctors and their patients happy. The utilization of our disposable trocar kits are the most efficient method and safest product for hormonal replacement therapy.

We are the only disposable trocar medical kit company that holds the highest manufacturing standard. This uniquely allows us to produce products for FDA approved drugs.

Our products are registered in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and are currently moving into Asia and Australia. Our reusable trocars have CE approval.

Our kits are made at an ISO 13485 facility in the USA and follow strict FDA and GMP guidelines.

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