Hormone Pellet Insertion Kits with No Trocar

Our hormone pellet insertion kits are a perfect option for an office that already has reusable trocars available, as they do not include a trocar, for hormone replacement therapy procedures. These kits come with a full set of tools and materials such as a tray, CSR wrap, gloves, drape, prep pads, swab sticks, syringe, needle, scalpel, forceps, tape strops, and gauze. Any additional supplies may need to complete a trocar insertion procedure. Additionally, we do offer pellet insertion kits thatinclude a trocar for those who need it. Shop now and make your hormone replacement therapy procedures more efficient and comfortable for your patients!


Cost Saving

Trocar kits can be expensive due to the precision engineering required for the trocar itself. If you already have a trocar or only need the other instruments, purchasing the kit without the trocar might save you money.


In some cases, you might already have a trocar from a previous purchase, and you only need to replace  the other instruments. This might be relevant if you're looking for specific components for all your hormone pellet proceedure needs.

Why Choose Trocar Supplies 

Choose Trocar Supplies for your bulk trocar needs and elevate the standards of your medical practice. Enjoy substantial cost savings, seamless procedural flow, and unparalleled quality as you explore a wide variety ofreusable &disposable trocars available in bulk orders. Our unwavering focus on safety, personalized solutions, and proficient assistance guarantees that you're fully prepared to provide extraordinary patient care. Discover the distinct advantage offered by Trocar Supplies – where efficiency meets exceptional healthcare.
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Hormone Pellet Insertion Kit Without Trocar
Hormone Pellet Insertion Kit Without Trocar from $ 249.20 $ 319.20