Box of Surgical Masks, 50 Count: Level IIR


Product Description

Surgical Face Mask Box of 50
FDA manufacturer

Main performance:

  1. Bacterial filtration efficiency: ≥98%
  2. Differential Pressure: <60 Pa/cm2
  3. Microbial cleanliness: ≤cfu/g
  4. Splash resistance pressure ≥16kPa

Instructions for use:

Lay the mask flat, nose clip upward: unfold it; cover it on your face and nose; put the earloop on until it perfectly fits your nose and face

Indented use:

The surgical face mask is a single-use, disposable device, provided non-sterile, and intended to be used to protect both the patient and the healthcare personnel from transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material. These face masks are intended for use in infection control practices to reduce the potential exposure to blood and body fluids.


  1. Check whether the package is intact before use, confirm the marks and date of manufacture on the external package, and use it before the expiry date.
  2. People allergic to PP non-woven fabrics should use it with caution.
  3. After using the product, please dispose of it according to the requirements of the environmental protection agency or related authorities.
  4. This product is a disposable mask. It is not recommended to clean or reuse it.

If you feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using it immediately or replace it with a new one.