Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medical Device Supplier for Your Practice

brandon llewellyn | 09 August, 2023

            Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medical Device Supplier for Your Practice

Patients trust that your medical practice will be clean, organized, andsterile when it matters most. How your disposable trocar supplies are delivered and who delivers them has a significant impact on the level of quality care patients receive at your practice. Ultimately, your supplies play a big role in cultivating good outcomes.

Before choosing a medical device supplier, there are several things to consider, like if the supplies meet regulatory compliance guidelines and if you’re able to get in touch with someone at customer support. Here are a few of the things you can look for and how Trocar Supplies can help you provide superior service to your valued patients.


First and foremost, you should work with a disposable trocar provider that has specific expertise in the types of procedures you do and the kind of equipment you'll need. That way, they can make recommendations for new products you can try or guide you through making an order. This helps prevent errors and ensures that you have the supplies you need, even if they’re not on your list.


The quality of the trocar trays your practice uses also plays an integral role in how patient procedures turn out. Disposable instruments made from poor quality plastics can break during surgery or potentially expose patients to harmful bacteria and microbes that make the situation much worse.

When you use qualitymedical devices from a reputable manufacturer, you can expect lower adverse outcomes for your patients, lowersurgical infection rates and faster healing time following the procedure.

Regulatory Compliance

Many medical associations and physician groups require members to be compliant with certain regulations in order to maintain good standing. Who your trocar kit supplier is and their commitment to manufacturing and delivering quality supplies matters. If you purchase new supplies that are not in compliance, you stand to incur exorbitant fines.

Make sure your supplier is familiar with the regulatory compliance guidelines in your industry and has products designed to meet your needs that fit within these parameters. Trocar Supplies Last FDA inspection was in 2023 and no action was indicated against us (This means we passed A+)

Product Range

You also want to make sure that the company you decide to work with has a wide range of products to choose from. You don’t want to have to order multiple devices and instruments from multiple suppliers, hoping that one of them will work. Suppliers with a wide product range will have unique tools that can help you shorten procedure time, reduce the chances of infection, and deliver superb surgical results to patients in your area.

Sterilization & Packaging

How your trocar trays are packaged is another important consideration that many new medical practice owners overlook. Without following strict sterilization procedures, cross contamination in the operating room can occur. This introduces foreign particles and other potentially harmful microbes into a patient's body, potentially leading tosepsis and death. This is a very serious medical situation that requires immediate treatment.

When yourdisposable trocar kits are packaged properly in a sterile environment, you can be confident that when you open an instrument tray, you’ll have everything you need ready to go.

Customization & Product Innovation

Today's medical offices need quick access to single-use trocars and other tools designed to perform specific tasks. You don’t want to be running your practice with outdated tools and early versions of instruments that have already been upgraded. Look for a provider that regularly puts newproducts on the market and has an option on their website for you to request custom surgical supplies.

Pricing & Cost (Bulk Orders)

When you’re ordering a lot of supplies, pricing matters. Ask suppliers you’re considering if they allow bulk orders and if so, what’s the best pricing they can give. You should be able to save more money the more supplies you order. If you’re a small practice though, you’ll want to go with a supplier that can do low minimum quantities. Those that want to be able to scale up or down as needed should choose a supplier that can do both.


Before making a final decision, check a medical device supplier’s online reviews to see what other practices like yours are saying about that supplier’s products and services. Look for low (but not no) negative reviews and reviews that have responses showing the supplier was willing to address and fix the issue. Avoid trocar suppliers with overly positive reviews or reviews that seem canned or fake.

Customer Support

You should also work with adisposable trocar tray provider that has a customer support center or another way you can get in touch with an actual person. If you have an issue that needs immediate attention, you don’t want to have to send an email and get a help desk ticket – you need the service you pay for. Always check the contact information or ask the supplier how they handle customer issues before you sign on the dotted line.

Return Policy

Get a copy of the supplier’s return policy to make sure you’ll be able to send back unopened surgical trays in a reasonable time frame. If the trays you receive don’t have the right supplies, or they don’t work for what you need them to, you don’t want to have to absorb the cost.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Finally, ask about the supplier’s own supply chain and logistics. How do they handle, pick, and pack orders? Will they know when it’s time for you to order again? Get an idea of their internal processes to find out if they’re congruent with your medical practice.

Why It is Important to Have a Reliable Supplier?

Your practice needs a reliable medical equipment supplier, so you can get patients in and out of your office quickly with great results. It’s important to have a knowledgeable provider on hand that can answer questions and make good recommendations for next steps. Instead of shopping with “drive thru” suppliers, look for a reputable company that you can have an account with for a long time.

Why Choose Trocar Supplies for all Your Trocar Needs?

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