Signs That You Might Need Hormone Replacement Therapy?

brandon llewellyn | 30 December, 2021

            benefits of hormone replacement therapy

If your patients experience some discomfort with lowering hormone levels as they age, you’re likely to recommend hormone replacement therapy. Yet even with a doctor’s guidance, some may remain hesitant to move forward out of fear of altering their body. If you are in need of some literature to provide patients with information about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy to put them at ease, we discuss the hormone therapy procedure and its benefits in detail below. 

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy? 

To put it simply for most people, hormone therapy provides a relief of symptoms that develop from low levels of necessary hormones. A deficiency of hormones can potentially end up causing medical problems, specifically when it comes to people in their late forties and beyond. The various replacement procedures attempt to balance hormone levels back to normal levels before other problems can arise.

There are numerous benefits of hormone replacement therapy. But at the end of the day, the main benefit is to restore a sense of normalcy in patients. 

What Are the Signs That You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone Balance for Women

For postmenopausal women, hormone levels eventually start to wane. The result can be uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. The physical symptoms of estrogen deficiency include hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and pain, and a feeling of overall fatigue. Emotional challenges usually accompany these physical discomforts, including irritability, depression, and a decreased sex drive.

Some can benefit from hormone therapy to counteract serious internal health risks that can arise. Since hormone replacement helps with bone loss or fractures, it lowers the chances of developing osteoporosis, colon cancer, bone loss, and diabetes. 

This is where hormone therapy comes in to keep you healthy and return your quality of life. It is the process by which estrogen or testosterone is added back into your system to bring your body back to regulation.  

Hormone Balance for Men

Lower testosterone is a universal medical problem that can luckily be treated. For men, low levels of testosterone can lower your sex drive, decrease muscle mass, cause hair loss, and cause memory loss. Decreased testosterone can cause depression, fatigue, and increased fat.

Just like for women, stabilizing hormone levels in men can help prevent further decay of physical and mental functions. By normalize testosterone levels, your body and mind will start to feel more stable again. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy Methods 

Patients have a few different options for hormone replacement procedures. Hormones can be introduced into the body using pills, skin patches, gels, creams, and rings. Each method has pros and cons and listening to patients’ needs will guide recommendations. 

Although all the above options are widely used, hormone pellet implantation offers possibly the most convenient form of hormone replacement therapy.

Benefits of Pellet Insertion Therapy

If patients are looking for a hassle-free method of balancing hormones, here are a few benefits of pellet implantation versus other options.  

  • If patients express concern over forgetting to take pills or apply gels and patches every day, then a pellet insertion procedure will likely be the best choice.
  • After the procedure, the pellet slowly releases the hormone into your bloodstream for the coming months. Unlike creams and injections, a steady amount of hormones are infused into your system, avoiding dramatic fluctuation of hormone levels.
  • The hormone pellet procedure is fast and simple, and most patients experience little to no pain. The pellet is placed where you don’t even notice it, typically above the hip, so there’s no discomfort moving forward.

The hormone pellet is inserted using a trocar, a sharp surgical instrument with a three-sided cutting point enclosed in a tube. Essentially, it looks like a slightly thicker needle than the one used when you give blood. 

Though multiple forms of HRT are available, pellet insertion therapy is the effective and hassle-free solution. Trocar Supplies exists to provide cutting-edge technology which will help you find hormone equilibrium, and more importantly, get you back to being you

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