What to Do After Pellet Insertion

brandon llewellyn | 23 November, 2021

            what to do after pellet insertion

A hormone pellet insertion procedure is a common minor surgery used to alleviate the symptoms of lowered hormone production. Hormone pellets are inserted into a small incision in the body to correct the body’s hormone levels by slowly releasing hormones. By now, you may have already looked into hormone pellet implantation or are currently recommending the procedure. Either way, your patients likely have many questions about expectations after the procedure and post-care instructions. We explain the hormone pellet insertion process further, and how you can instruct your patients on post-procedure care, so the procedure goes as smoothly as possible for both doctor and patient.

Hormone Pellet Insertion Process

For any hormone pellet implantation, you will need a disposable trocar kit, sterile gloves, hormone pellet implants, and sodium bicarbonate to perform the procedure. You will also need alcohol wipes, a sterile gauze pad, and steri-stripes skin tapes after the pellets have been implanted. For more details on the exact procedure directions, reference our pellet insertion guide. After the procedure is finished, follow the steps below, which will be relevant for patients' post-procedure care instructions.

  • Apply pressure using the gauze pad once the trocar has been removed.
  • The skin around the incision must be cleaned using an alcohol wipe while still applying pressure.
  • Start crossing skin tapes (steri-strips) over the incision.
  • Apply a dressing and have the patient apply pressure for five minutes, or ten minutes if the patient is on any anti-coagulants or anti-inflammatories.

Post Pellet Insertion Instructions for Patients

To assure the best care for patients after the implantation, proper instructions should be made clear. Advise patients to carefully abide by these directions and insights below. Give your patients a direct way to contact you with any questions or concerns.

  • Avoid vigorous physical activity for 2 days. Any exercise that targets the gluteal muscles should be avoided immediately following the procedure. This includes stair steppers, ellipticals, cross trainers, cycling, and running.
  • In addition, any water sport or leisure activities should be avoided up to a week after the procedure. This includes swimming, bathing, or hot tubbing.
  • You may remove the gauze pad and shower the following day, but skin tapes (steri-strips) should stay on for five to seven days.
  • Any initial minimal discomfort following the procedure may also be expected and is also completely normal. You may apply a warm washcloth or a heating pad to the area to relieve any discomfort.
  • Patients may encounter slight redness around the small incision. This is normal and will typically subside after 72 hours.
  • Infection is very rare (1:100) after insertions, however, if redness and swelling get worse after 48 hours, it’s possible the patient may have a minor skin infection or bruising. Rarely will you need an antibiotic prescription for minor infections, but if an allergic reaction occurs, you may take Benadryl as needed.

What to Expect After Pellet Insertion

Luckily, most patients report little to no discomfort or pain after hormone pellet insertion. While every patients’ experience after the implantation will vary, there is a possibility patients may experience a few side effects in the few weeks after the procedure. We list a few common mild symptoms below that typically clear up after hormone levels begin to stabilize once again.

Mood Swings – Irritability and mood swings may occur until your hormone levels stabilize.

Swelling – Patients may notice swelling around the incision as well as the hands and feet. This is more likely to happen in hot and/or humid weather, or after excessive water intake.

Hair Growth or Loss –Increased testosterone levels stimulate hair growth. If the patient is dealing with unwanted hair growth or loss, the dosage should be adjusted in the future.

Fluid Retention –Testosterone implantations may also include weight gain that will likely level out after fluid retention subsides since testosterone aids muscle growth.

Facial Breakout –Pimples can develop after a significant change in hormone levels, but this is temporary and can be remedied with careful skincare considerations.

Uterine Spotting/Bleeding –Spotting in female patients may occur in the first few months after the procedure.

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