How to Select the Optimal Trocar Kit for Your Patient

brandon llewellyn | 01 September, 2023

            How to Select the Optimal Trocar Kit for Your Patient

Most surgeons don't invest a lot of time considering the question of how to select the optimal trocar kit for their patients.

They almost always have established preferences.

Purchasing agents and inventory managers for practices with multiple practitioners, on the other hand, spend a great deal of time making sure that each of their surgeons always has their preferred surgical tool for each of their patients. Trocar Supplies gives your practice the selection of trocars your surgeons prefer at prices that are friendly to your budget. We have the expertise to help you justify your selections when surgical needs require exceptions to your usual purchase orders. And when you surgeons have their own trocar design, we can even provide custom trocar kits to your specifications.

Components of a Trocar Kit

Here's a quick review of the components of every trocar kit to help you navigate thousands of items we have in inventory.

Every trocar kit has three parts:

  • There's a cannula. This is the shaft the surgeon presses through the skin and fascia to reach a body cavity.
  • There is also a seal. Located at the top of the cannula, the seal maintains pressure inside the body cavity by preventing the escape of gasses.
  • And at the end of the trocar opposite the seal there is an obturator. The surgeon uses this part of the trocar to penetrate skin and connective tissue.

All these three components appear in every trocar, there is a reason that trocar are available in hundreds of specifications. Stocking the right trocars requires a basic understanding of what patients will need and surgeons will prefer at your clinic.

Assessing Patient Needs

It is not enough to master everything you need to know about trocars. Informed purchases require assessing patient needs.

Trocar-specific patient morbidity is a rare event. Infection, hematoma, hernia, post-procedural pain, and cosmetic concerns are almost unknown after the insertion of hormone pellets by trocar (although there are a few reports of complications after the surgeon chose the umbilicus for the point of insertion). In one clinical study involving 300 patients receiving various laparoscopic procedures, trocars with blade width of less than 5 mm resulted in complications in just two (fewer than 1 percent) of cases, both of them involving accidental trocar exit. Post-procedural cosmetic concerns are almost nil.

What to Consider When Choosing a Trocar Kit

Even when the primary use of trocar kits is the insertion of pellets for hormone therapy, individual differences in patients and individual preferences of physicians must be considered in choosing the best product.

Types of Trocars (Reusable vs Disposable)

Purchasing agents will notice that disposable trocar kits cost, on average, about 2/3 as much from the supplier as reusable trocars.

A disposable trocar is, by definition, used just once. A reusable trocar might be used hundreds or even thousands of times, with sterilization after every use and periodic sharpening following your clinic protocols. The calculation you need to make is the cost of the trocar plus the cost of sterilization, storage, sharpening, and inventory control, divided by the number of times your surgeons can be expected to use the instrument.

Typically, a reusable trocar doesn't save money unless it is used at least 10 times. However, there can be patient specific needs that affect the choice between single-use and reusable trocars for some patients. Some patients require single-use trocars.

For patients with bloodborne communicable diseases, multiple-use trocars are not an option. Patients with extensive adhesions after surgery or injury may also require a single-use trocar.

It is always possible to use a more expensive multiple-use trocar kit on a patient just once, but it is far more cost-effective for purchasing personnel to use historical data to calculate the minimum number of single-use trocar kits they need to keep in stock. Don't forget to order hormone pellet insertion kits that your doctors will need even when you reuse the trocar. They are available in packs of 20.

Sizes of Trocars

Trocar Supplies sells trocars with 3.2 mm blades, trocars with 3.5 mm blades, trocars with 4.5 mm blades, atraumatic blunt tip trocars, bevel tip trocars, diamond tip trocars, and pointed-tip trocar kits.

We offer our trocars with 3.2 mm, 3.5 mm, and 4.5 mm blades in both stainless steel and resin. Our traumatic blunt tip trocars are the instrument of choice when sealing the portal is a priority. Bevel tips minimize trauma to skin around the entry site. The diamond-shaped cutting edge offers a precise cutting edge. Pointed tips minimize trauma to connective tissue beneath the skin.

Your doctors may express a preference for one of these styles over others, but all are designed for minimal trauma from pellet insertion.

Size of the Pellets

Our devices come with 3.2 mm blades for insertion of 100 mg pellets and 4.5 mm blades for insertion of 200 mg pellets.

Desired Depth of Insertion

Trocar Supplies trocars create a tract of 8 to 10 mm for the insertion of the pellet.

Location of Insertion

Most patients prefer insertion of hormone pellets into the hip, although some women prefer to receive estrogen pellets in the lower abdomen.

Additional Factors to Consider

What else do purchasing agents need to consider when buying trocars?

Surgical Team's Opinion

Obviously, your doctors must be happy with the surgical tools you make available to them. We can help you field questions from your surgical team about the experiences of other healthcare providers with our products. We can share the national approvals for every product we sell. Trocar Supplies serves physicians and clinics in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina, and we are completing our registrations for sales in Australia and Asia,

Trocar Kit Quality & Safety

Trocar Supplies is currently the only disposable trocar provider in the United States operating an ISO 13485 facility. We strictly adhere to FDA and GMP guidelines.


We offer discounts for volume sales. Ask us about your options for trocars manufactured to your specifications in quantities of 1000 or more. We also offer individual items on sale from time to time. Check our catalog frequently!

Choosing the Right Supplier

Trocar Supplies is a family-owned business in Ohio that has spent decades establishing a globally accepted standard of excellence for disposable trocars. We listen to our customers, and we have developed over 40 types of trocar kits with more on the way. We are treated with our own products, so we know how to keep both doctors and patients happy.

We are here to serve you. Send us your inquiries online, or call us at (937) 478-0469. Our offices are located at 126 Nulf Dr., Columbiana, OH 44408.