Surgical Tray Setup for Effective Hormone Replacement Therapy

brandon llewellyn | 20 September, 2023

            Surgical Tray Setup for Effective Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) inserts are a convenient way to treat a wide variety of hormone deficiencies and related conditions. The insertion procedure is quick and easy for patients and requires less set up time than is needed for other procedures. Preparing your surgical trays in advance can help make the process go even smoother.

Here's what to know about prepping the surgical field and how Trocar Supplies has the tools you need.

Top Benefits of Preparing Your Surgical Tray

Having surgical trays prepped and ready to go is key to managing surgical schedules and being prepared to handle all of your office’s procedures. Instead of counting out supplies and running anautoclave machine for hours to get everything sterile and ready for use, you can just peel open the top of a disposable tray and all the tools you need are right there.

Pre-prepared surgical trays also benefit procedures in a number of ways, such as:

  • Time savings. Your staff won't have to spend valuable time before procedures getting all of the instruments that will be used, sterilized, and arranged. They also won’t have to spend time counting,cleaning, and reprocessing reusable surgical instruments after the procedure.
  • Cost savings. Preparing surgical trays in advance helps to reduce the number of unused instruments on a single tray and allows for more customization options when it comes to selecting instruments for individual procedures.
  • Environmentally-friendly. The impact to the environment fromsingle-use trocar supplies is generally less than the ongoing impact of the large amounts of water, detergent and energy needed to sterilize batch after batch of metal instruments.
  • Faster, easier procedures. Providers can easily accessthe tools they need inside the disposable tray’s compartments, reducing time spent working on the patient during the actual procedure.
  • Better inventory management. With premade trays, facilities have a better grasp of their available inventory and can place orders for new supplies as needed.
  • Eliminates confusion. Staff can simply go grab a pre-made tray between procedures, knowing that all of the necessary tools and surgical instruments have been included.
  • Lower risk of infection. Reusable medical supplies always carry the risk of potentially being contaminated, no matter how low it is. A brand-new, pre-packaged trocar tray ensures that your tools have never been used on anyone else and there’s zero risk for cross-contamination.

Prepping for Your Procedure

It's important to follow the steps necessary to prepare for a procedure exactly. This ensures not only that the provider will have exactly what they need but also that the instruments used for the patient are sterile and free of contamination. Here’s a basic rundown of each step:

1. Create a Sterile Environment

First and foremost, it’s essential to have a completely sterile environment when conducting a surgical procedure. This helps reduce the risk of serious infections after surgery.

2. Gather the Necessary Equipment and Tools

Next, it’s important to gather whatever tools are needed or what might be needed, since you can’t sterilize tools in the middle of a procedure.

3. Check Function and Expiration

Prior to sterilization, tools should be checked to make sure they function properly and that nothing is expired. Take out anything that doesn’t work or is expired and replace each with a sterile, unopened version.

4. Arrange the Surgical Tray

While wearing sterile gloves or using a set of sterile transfer forceps, arrange the tray in order of which instruments will be used first. The finished tray should be kept covered by a sterile drape to prevent airborne particles from coming into contact with the instruments before the procedure. Luckily, our kits come packaged in order of operation or come with each product individually laid out for ease of use. 

After Surgery

A critical step after surgery is making sure that no instruments, sponges, gauze or other items were left behind. This is generally done by counting the tools both before and after the procedure  to make sure that the instruments that are used are resterilized or properly disposed of. 

Premade trocar trays simplify this process by including everything that is needed for the procedure and can be disposed of in its entirety. 

Proper Disposal of Equipment After the Procedure

After the procedure, equipment also may need to be resterilized or disposed of as indicated. Metal, reusable instruments like trocars  are generally sterilized using an autoclave, which uses heat, steam and pressure to sterilize instruments. One-time use instruments are thrown out.

Cleaning up after a procedure can take a lot of time and effort, keeping technicians from being able to prepare for the next surgery. Premade trocar trays can eliminate the need for this step by including everything needed for hormone replacement therapy insertion out of disposable materials that can just be tossed when the surgery is complete.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Insertion Procedure

Hormone pellet therapy insertion is a minimally invasive procedure that involves making a tiny incision just above the buttocks, where a small “pellet” containing the prescribed hormones is inserted into the subcutaneous tissue. It stays in this region, where it works to slowly and evenly distribute the right hormone levels based on the patients’ unique needs.

Because the procedure is simple, fast, and is generally done on an outpatient basis, individual trocar trays are a great way to keep the process organized and effective for staff and your patients.

Buying a Premade Trocar Tray vs Individual Trocars

Keeping surgical supplies sterile is easier with a premade trocar tray, since it allows you to open the tray as close to the time of the procedure as possible. Even if sterile instruments aren’t touched during surgery, they can become contaminated by airborne particles and pathogens.

Why Buy from Trocar Supplies?

At Trocar Supplies, ourdisposable trocar kits are made in the USA and contain everything you need for hormone pellet insertion, including gloves, syringes, forceps, and trocars to place the pellets underneath the skin. When the procedure is complete, the tools can be placed back into their individual compartments in the tray and thrown away.

Trocar Supplies is a family-owned business dedicated to raising the industry standard for disposable trocar kits, which have been used for more than 15 years to help patients of all backgrounds achieve their hormone therapy goals.Contact us today to learn more or to request a customtrocar kit that’s created specifically for your office, physicians and procedures. Call (937) 478-0469 now for information.